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Sertian PrincessIn a galaxy where vast trading empires vie for supremacy, the peaceful Kingdom of Serta finds itself thrown into disarray by the unexpected death of their Queen.
When two years later the young crown princess disappears on an ill-timed jaunt, the ruthless Federation of Vostov decides to seize the moment, kidnap the princess and invade.
To prevent an incident that could plunge the whole sector into a disastrous war, top intelligence agent, David Held is sent to find the missing princess and return her safely home.
But persuading a determined and independently-minded young princess to give up her interstellar cruise was never going to be an easy task.

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Two royal heirs from different racial and cultural backgrounds. One is a visionary leader of an outcast race, determined to unite his people and reclaim their ancestral homeland. The other was long thought dead after the royal family was massacred during a planetary invasion. The recent evidence that the heir still lives, threatens to disrupt the smooth running of the Empire.
David Held, a top agent in the Imperial service, is sent to find and protect the missing heir from agents of the occupying forces, desperate to consolidate their hold on the conquered planet and prevent the heir returning.
The trouble is the Empire (nearly) always fights by the rules. To avoid technological contamination of a less advanced society, Held is denied his usual array of hi-tech equipment and even has his memories altered to fit the local environment. Faced with an enemy unconstrained by such ideological considerations, he has one hand tied behind his back.
As the fates of the two young heirs become increasingly intertwined, can the race to find the one, help to fulfill the ambitions of the other? Or will both be destroyed by a ruthless enemy who has no qualms about bringing advanced warfare to a pre-industrial society?

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Heirs at War

Jeren has recaptured Marmoros, the ancestral home of the Lyenar people, and taken his rightful place on the throne. But his hold on the throne is not yet secure as the widow of the warlord he defeated in battle, joins forces with a neighbouring enemy in an attempt to overthrow him.
His love for Rachel has to be put on hold as she leaves Marmoros to find her people and reclaim her own throne of Ystrad. She plans to lead them in their struggle against the Belsi who invaded her planet and massacred her family. But the Belsi and their powerful new allies, intend to exploit the mineral wealth of Ystrad and are ruthless in their attempts to prevent her reclaiming her throne.
Once again David Held, top agent in the Imperial service, has to protect the two young royals as their enemies plot genocide on a planetary scale.

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And on Heirs at War